April 27 - May 3
Embodiment camp on the Turkish coastline.

The time for integration and empowerment, in the middle of mountains, forest and the sea, far away from civilization
Exploring the BODYMIND connection within and inbetween - others and the Nature.
What is waiting for you?
Sundao with Dima Kunin
Sundao ISM (Integrated Somatic Methods) - is a system of breathing exercises and dynamic meditation.

A practice that promotes the awakening of energy for the calm, clear state and expansion of ones capabilities.
It contains the interpretation of ancient teachings from the point of view of well-being as a way of caring for oneself and for the world as a way of being truly responsible as the Creator and Master of ones own life.
This method is not related to any religion.

Dima Kunin is a student of Master Yu Jae-Sheen, a member of the Aikido federation in Ukraine.

Somatic movement and Body-Mind Centering with Alistair Edmunds
Feelings, feelings and actions - how do they relate? How to build bridges between them? We will plunge into these themes through a deeper awareness of our own body: exploring the nervous system, internal organs and muscles.

Body-mind Centering® is an experimental study based on the implementation and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles, using movement, touch, voice and mind.

We will start with the practical and specific knowledge of anatomy, which will establish the image of our own body, will teach us to discover and explore the movement and dance with oneself and others.

These lessons can become deeply meditative experiences. By calming the mind and nervous system, they will help to change motor skills to more constructive ones.
Alistair Edmunds is a teacher of the Somatic movement (School of Body-Mind Centering), a teacher of Contact Improvisation from the UK

Free movement with Kate Taranova
Meetings for the embodied self - and mutual support through movement and dance, based on the somatic practices, contact improvisation, bodywork, knowledge of the nervous system and manual work with it, dance therapy.

We will be finding the state of resource through a resource through the deep connection with oneself and contact with the others.
One hour of each lesson will be devoted to a continuous movement with different focus and images. We will explore ourselves through awareness of different parts and levels of our bodies, as well as ourselves as integrity.
The next hour we will implement the acquired qualities in contact or group interaction.

Kate Taranova - Bodymind practitioner, body therapist, teacher of contact improvisation from Ukraine.
Sundance Camp, Phaselis
Dance camp in the natural resort near the town Tekirova in Antalya region
One day ... to the wild
The 5th day of our event, we will spend in the mountains and go through the part of the Lycian way, which is one of the 10th most beautiful paths in the world.

We will pass through the deserted bays along the sea and complete the path whatching the lights of the Chimera Mountains - this is an unusual natural phenomenon, where a fire flames from the rocks all year round.

In the end we will visit the kraft shop with local herbs, where we will drink tea straight from the mountains.
After, the bus will take us straight to the Sandance Camp.
And more...
Tea ceremonies • Sound baths • Sun welcoming
The price includes:

- Participation in all events
- Accommodation (7 days, 6 nights)
- Breakfast and dinner

You pay for yourself only the road

Lunch is not included, you could buy it on the spot for 5 euros per day.

The early birds prices are valid with the 50% prepayment


330 € before 18.04
380 € after 18.04

You also can put up your own tent among the trees, close to the common showers and restrooms.
Book it
Tree Houses

390 € before 18.04
440 € after 18.04

Surrounded by pine trees, all tree houses are ideal for 2 but a 3 rd bed can be added if asked. With shelves, hooks, mirror.
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Tree lodges

420 € before 18.04
470 € after 18.04
Situated around big trees and heated with small wood burners, wood houses are ideal for up to 3 persons.
Common showers and toilets are close by. We provide towels.
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450 € before 18.04
500 € after 18.04

Designed to blend in with nature, with mosquito nets and 24 hours hot water in their own bathrooms.
There are rooms for 2/3/4 people.
They all have a small porch to relax.
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Feedbacks from the last journey....
QA Automation Lead/Trainer/Consultant, учасник Подорожі за силою у квітні 2018
That April was special… One more spot on earth switched my "life mode" to paradise for at least one week. From shamelessly 1-2 hours of sex with a food (have no courage to call it an ordinary breakfast or dinner), meditative tea ceremonies integrated into rocks and trees to workshop classes with so high level of acceptance that no any choice for Self was left to hide itself anymore, but instead - celebrate the life in boundless freedom. Pure hedonism, yeah) And those feelings… Of being part of the surrounding nature being, feeling at home, wherever you are. Arrival.
Артист, фотограф, проектний менеджер, учасниця Подорожі за силою у квітні 2018
Sundance camp - is a pure paradise!
It seems to me that I have been dreaming of this whole, where people are calmly rolling between equally relaxed chickens, cats and tortoises.
Where in the early morning you are immersed in crystal water looking at the mountains .... and in the evening - the food, the taste of which will make you want to dissolve in this place forever.
Full integration into nature, without disturbing it.
Most of all, I liked to sit on the stairs of my little house on a tree and imagine that I live there)
Move, listen to yourself and friends, watch over the fire and the wind.
Thank you for the embodiment!
психолог, учасниця Подорожі за силою у квітні 2018
When you do not expect anything, amazing things might happened, and you get to the world that was so needed!
This is a place of unbelievable beauty, where you don't want to miss a moment, every smell, sound, taste ...
You wake up with cocks, have breakfast with cats and dots, walk around with turtles, watching crabs in clear water; share a dinner with great kind dogs, meditate under the trills of birds and insects, and closer to the sunset you admire the grace of running horses against the backdrop of the grandiose Olympus.
People who are so different from you and so similar, sensitive, lively, beautiful, plastic, emotional.
Sometimes you look at them as in mirrors, and sometimes you just enjoy the touch of something you do not understand. Here you observe, listen, feel, dream, dance, cry, get angry, stop, grow, breathe, live; You feel how the forces gradually fill your emptied fragile vessel and it seems that it hasn't been so strong for a long time. Thanks for journey!
What we will eat?
🥙 for breakfast and dinner we will have a buffet with various dished.... unbelievably tasty:)
all kind of diets will be satisfied <3
How to get there?
Antalya + 🚌organized transfer to our place (10€).

You can find tickets here:
This two sites make offers of different types of flights.

Average ticket price Kiev-Antalya-Kiev is 150-180 $

* We can help you to plan your route in the return letter to your registration.
What about the weather?
Usually April and May are very warm:
🌞 +23 during the daytime and 🌛+ 15 during the night.
We'll update you about the forecast closer to the date.

Can I stay longer/come earlier?
It might be possible if you'll tell us in advance so we could book the place for you :)
What is around?
You could travel around quite a lot :)
Ancient city Phaselis is 30 minutes walking
The small village Tekirova with local market is 30 minutes walking as well.
20 minutes by car and you can get to the cableway to Tahtali Dag (so called Turkish Olympus)
1 hour ride is Chraly with amazing beach and natural park as well as the ancient city of Olympos.
If you have time to travel, don't forget that in Turkey there is one of the most incredible places on the Earth - Cappadocia. Looks like a fairy land :)
What if I've never done something like this before?
You can be on any level of your movemental skills to join the tribe.
The program is built in the way, that each of us will find the space to have his/her own research inside the group process.
What is the time of arrival/departure?
🕑 We start classes at 14:00 on April 27th and we recommend you to come as early as possible to have your time to check around.
🕓 End the 3rd of May at 15:00. We won't go away right after the event, so if you want to enjoy some days out of the program - feel free to join :)
We have 23 places in our tribe
Type of accommodation
Facebook account/ phone number
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Meet the team
Kate Taranova
organizer and movement facilitator
Contact about the program and ideas
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Lena Vesnyana
organizer and travel guide
Contact for the organizational questions
00380679549096 Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
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